Overcome the Risks of Child Obesity

The most predominant sign that we see in our day to day life is obesity. This is spreading much faster than the so called contagious diseases. It had its early stage of viewing only in the people who are in the age group of above 40’s. But now this is seen more common from childhood itself. To our shock, there is a girl weighing 80kgs at the age of 9. Child obesity has reached new heights in this era.

child obesity

Causes for child obesity
Many may have the thought that obesity is genetic in nature. But the real truth is that only 5% of the parents of obese children are obese. Genetics may be a reason for obesity but the real reason these children are obese is due to bad food habit and poor physical habit. They do little or no exercise which is the main reason they are getting extra fat settle in their body. Other thing is eating lots and lots of junk food which are nothing but harm to our health.

Many of these children have even risk forgetting what is proper walking. The care for health must be a prime factor in everyone’s life. This basic morale is missing in those kinds which make them prone to obesity. Another important thing is that parent of this generation care little about their kids. They give them too much of freedom and which ultimately results in their choice of food which is nothing but those junk ones.

There is a famous proverb “Prevention is better than cure”. So there is no use in eating medicines after someone has become obese. Steps have to be taken before that. We all know that obesity is accumulation of high amount of fat in our body. There are many ways to reduce it. Some are :-

  • Do regular and enough exercise.
  • Encourage children to involve themselves in some game or other. As games are the things that will make children happy as well as will help them keep their body fit. Sport will make them relax as well as make their muscles sweat. This is the basic thing in the terms of fitness. Sweat has to be released now and then for a life of fitness.
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  • Other important thing is physical training classes. The government has also learned its importance in recent times. Inclusion of physical training classes in the curriculum. This will establish the importance of fitness among the young minds and avoid what is not required of them.
  • Food is the main part of the human life. If you take what has to be taken then it is medicine. When you take what not to be taken then its poison. Everything has to be in its limits. Eat everything but to the level which is good for your health. Avoiding of junk food will be best for everyone. Take proteins in place of fats. They may have the same taste but there contents differ and may be less harmful in nature.
  • Drink water as much as possible and as and when possible. Because this ones the best for you in all times. When acidity level is down children will grow strong as well as fit.
Overcome the Risks of Child Obesity
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