Over Exposure to TV Increases the Risk of Asthma for Children

Watching Television for Long Hours Increases the Risk of Asthma for Children – Shocked ?  Well, this has been concluded by a recent British study. What the research has found is that children watching television for two hours or more are susceptible to asthma. The study was done over a long time monitoring around 30,000 children across different cities in the United Kingdom. The research was conducted to find out a relationship between the behavioral and disease patterns in children.
The revelation was shocking yes.

The fact that came to light was that around 44% to 50% of children who were afflicted with asthma watches television for more than 2 hours in a day. While only 4% and less amongst the ones tested did not watch television at all or if they did, did so sparingly.

How authentic the report is? Well the report was published in a leading British medical journal, “Thorax” and was also reported in the BBC. The report is the brainchild of Dr. A Sheriff and some of his colleagues of the University of Gaslow, while the funds were obtained from the Medical Research Council. Besides this the findings were published in many leading newspapers around the globe.

over exposure to televisionLike every new finding, this research has also seen its share of criticism. Critics have said that it is not the television that is at fault but it is the sedentary lifestyle that over exposure to television generates. It is a fact that children spend so much time watching television that they do not go out to play and they show a lack of social interest. Children tend to become more introvert and also this affects their relationships in the present and pose a danger to the ones in the future.

And besides this there are also many loopholes in the entire research procedure as well. Parents indications about the hours spent in front of the T.V. by the child may be inaccurate, the T.V. patterns of only one age group has been seen so on and so forth.

The research sure raises some questions. There are solutions that are known to us. A counter research that showing the relationship between the sedentary lifestyle and asthma is supposed to be undertaken and it is only after this research, that any conclusion can be drawn on the findings. But this research sure drives one fact home that a little physical activity is very important to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Over Exposure to TV Increases the Risk of Asthma for Children
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