Migraine Sufferers : There is Hope After All

Migraine is an intensive headache which could be really painful and disrupt a whole day of a person. More than treatment, migraine can be prevented if one maintains a constant note of what triggered the migraine attack the last time around.

Migraine can be caused due to a variety of reasons. It can be because of physical and emotional stress, drastic changes in temperature or weather in general, some forms of food or strong exposure to sunlight or other glaring lights. Migraine attacks often last for a day or two causing extreme pain and discomfort. Migraine can also be accompanied by nausea and vomiting along with feeling of weakness.

However, those who are suffering from migraine need not lose hope as there are home remedies available for treatment of migraine. There are many ingredients that can be included in the diet to cure migraine headache. A good example is garlic and lemon, which are almost found in every household. Eating raw garlic or using it in meals is a good way of preventing migraine. Similarly, lemon peel can be ground into a paste and applied on the forehead. Once it dries off, it can be washed away. Likewise, sandalwood powder mixed in water to make a paste can be applied on the forehead. This too provides some relief from migraine headache.

HeadacheThe headache is also prevented by some medications, such as triptan used for moderate to severe migraine headache. These medications constrict the blood vessels and the nerves thus counter acting on the cause of migraine and preventing the headache. However, they should be used only in extreme cases as they are also known to cause heart problems because of constriction of blood vessels in the heart too as a side effect.

Another good remedy is carrot juice. You could drink around 300 ml of carrot juice after mixing it with beet juice, cucumber or spinach juice. This is very effective against the headache. Primrose oil, which is known as an effective anti inflammatory agent can also be used to massage the forehead to cure acute migraine. Drinking chamomile tea or concentrated grape extract are two other home remedies for curing migraine triggers.

Vitamin B3 present in leafy vegetables, fish, sunflower seeds, whole wheat and yeast is effective against migraine headache too. However, the best way of treating it is to avoid the trigger conditions like lack of sleep, too much caffeine and alcohol consumption etc. which helps prevent migraine to a large extent.

Migraine Sufferers : There is Hope After All
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