Liposuction as New Help for People with Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition that affects many people. In short sleep apnea keeps individuals from obtaining a restful night’s sleep due to the fact that they are waking up many times during the night to breathe. The average sufferer is a middle age male with a large neck circumference; however this condition can affect women as well. There are several ways to help sleep apnea from the use of special breathing apparatuses to the use of liposuction to help an individual’s breathing. This procedure would involve neck liposuction. Research has shown that those with the biggest neck circumference have the most difficult time sleeping through the night. Liposuction is one way to help deal with a sleep apnea problem.

It is a solution that is often overlooked in terms of sleep apnea but it can be a viable solution for those who are suffering from sleep apnea and also excess fat in their neck area. It is typically performed to reduce the look of double chins or jowls in the neck area. The process is performed by using a vacuum to suck out the fat from the jowls or the neck area. This procedure is sometimes performed with or without a face lift.

The neck liposuction cost varies in cost but is typically around 3.200 dollars depending on what is done. The costs vary widely however. These procedure can be performed anywhere from 2,000 to 4,000 dollars. It depends on where the procedure is performed and whether or not the procedure is partially covered by insurance.

Neck liposuction as a treatment for sleep apnea is a relatively recent phenomenon. It has been used on a small scale for treatment however. There are some pilot studies being conducted on this treatment. The subjects generally have to be in good health to participate in the trials, and have no underlying conditions or be pregnant at the time of the procedure.

It is certainly promising as a treatment however, and those that suffer from sleep apnea and a large neck circumference may want to consider liposuction as a treatment. Neck liposuction cost is often negotiable depending on what provider the individual goes to for the procedure. This is a procedure that is probably underutilized as a treatment for sleep apnea. This treatment will probably become more widely used in the future, and may be a way to treat both the conditions of sleep apnea and excess neck fat. It is not certain how well this procedure works, because as previously mentioned it is largely in experimental stages, however it is a promising treatment.

Those who are interested in this procedure should contact plastic surgeons who specialize in liposuction and who may be familiar with the work being done in neck liposuction and its effects on sleep apnea.

Liposuction as New Help for People with Sleep Apnea
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