Home Remedies for Treating Sinus Infection

Antibiotics and decongestants provide temporary relief but they are not good for curing sinusitis. If one stops taking them the symptoms are reversed. The best way to treat sinusitis is through herbal remedies which do not have any side effects and can be done at home at no cost at all. The simplest home remedies include mixing alliums like onion and ginger in hot water and inhaling the steam by covering the head in a blanker. Simply inhaling water vapor will also be helpful. These hot vapors make the mucus mobile and help clear up the nasal passage.

Medicinal Herbs
Echinacea purpurea and goldenseal are two herbal home remedies for sinus problems. One can take the dry root of these herbs and prepare herbal tea that is very effective. ½ -1 teaspoon of either of these mixed in a cup of warm water can be used to prepare an extract that will not only heal the mucus linings and dilute the mucus, but also help in reducing the headache and swelling caused by sinus infection.

These herbs have immune simulators that help in fighting the bacterial infection that is affecting the mucus linings. Alkaloids present in these herbs help fighting the pathogens spreading the infection. They also help in inhibiting the production of enzymes by bacteria that help penetrate the defensive linings of the body.

Essential Oils
Sinus Home RemedyEucalyptus is another essential oil that can help in the treatment of sinus infection. 6-8 drops of eucalyptus oil mixed in hot water should be inhaled. The oil can also be added to a vaporizer or sprinkled on a tissue from where one can sniff the vapor of the oil. Essential oils have antiseptic, anti-fungal properties that help to cure the inflammation of the mucus linings and also help kill the bacteria and fungi breeding in the stagnated mucus.

Neti pots
Another simple home remedy of sinus infection includes using neti pots. Warm water with a pinch of salt can be flown into one side of the nose with the neti pots which have a tube like extension to a pot. The warm water flows in through and one side and then flows out of the other side cleaning the entire nasal chamber in the process and draining the stagnated mucus too. Adding peppermint oil to warm water and inhaling it is also an effective way of treating sinus infection. These oils also help soothe the inner linings infected with bacteria.

Home Remedies for Treating Sinus Infection
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