Fight against Flu and Colds like H1N1 with Natural Remedies

One doesn’t have to always treat flu and cold with medications and increase the chemical content in the body. These medications prove great threats including altering the metabolic processes in the body, side effects on other organs and interfering with the body systems. Simple and natural remedies on the other hand have not only proved to be effective but are also very safe for the body. There are many such natural remedies to avoid flu and colds including the more serious ones like H1n1.

Garlic is one of the most important natural medicines available to us. One can have a few cloves of raw garlic to avoid illness and flu. It has antioxidant nutrients including Vitamins A and C and the metal Selenium. Garlic in raw form or in hot water can help people suffering from nose blockage, sinusitis and congestion too. Another natural herb available to us is Echinacea Purpurea. This herb can be taken in the form of pill, tea or an extract made out if its dried roots. It helps in enhancing the body immunity along with defense mechanisms to prevent the harmful effect of the flu virus.

herbal remediesAstragalus, a Chinese herb can be taken in the form of a tonic too. A daily dose will strengthen the immune system and help fighting the viral illness infection. Magnesium and Vitamin D are two other contents that the body must possess to fight off viral infections. Staying hydrated is a simple way of preventing mucus infections and nose blockage that aggravates the whole situation. Excess alcohol and caffeine content are not good for the infection and hence must be avoided. Lomatium dissectum root, skullcap tea, elderberries, honey and olive leaf extracts that are all helpful against flu

Drinking fruit juice adds to the vitamin content of the body. Getting adequate rest and sleep and staying calm by avoiding unnecessary stress and anxiety are a great way to prevent being affected by virus infections. Coconut oil and dandelion leaves are two other substances which have antiviral properties.

Mango and herbal remedies, such as licorice are known for their anti pathogen characteristics that prove helpful against the flu and viral attack. Multivitamins and minerals present in chia seeds e.g. antioxidants and essential fatty acids are all required in adequate amounts by the body to enhance body immune system and strengthen the defense mechanism against viral infections.

Fight against Flu and Colds like H1N1 with Natural Remedies
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