Factors Affecting Male Fertility

Is there any possibility of decrease in one’s fertility after the process of male’s circumcision even if the other related factors remain constant ? And the special case in this regard would be the coming of sperms through testicles rather than that of penis. Is the infertility of one person related to the circumcision?

There was a research carried out on circumcision and its effects on sperm quality as well as the quantity but this research was lasted in less time. The reason behind this is that the medical researchers who found the circumcision profitable declared it as harmless for the man’s fertility. But there are certain medical analysts that consider is as harmful and thus are on the opinion that it does effect the fertility of an individual.

But if we consider the general statistics so we will come to know that those countries in which there is not circumcision are having the increased birth ratios. But how can we say that it is circumcision that can affect the fertility of a male.

The logic behind the hanging of testicles outside of the body is the sensitized nature of sperms against the temperature. In order to keep them alive, we will have to provide them less temperature as compared to the rest of the body. It is a general known fact that the quality and quantity of one’s sperms are on the peak in the chill as compared to that of summer and that is why the potency of men are increased in the season of winter.

Sperm healthIt is a strong belief that the damage to the sperms occur only in the summer season especially when the sperms come across with such conditions of high temperature like the constant increase of temperature in the underwear. This is the main reason behind the preference of boxers over underwear because it assures greater safety of the sperms than that of normal under wears.

When you are wearing underwear that is of very tight nature so then in such condition your testicles are forced more close to your body. Thus due to the attachment of the sperms with the body whose temperature is more than that of sperms; put the sperms at the bank of destruction. From this we can conclude that the sperms are temperature sensitive.

Now let us inform you about something that is of interesting nature:
If we take the comparison of both circumcised and uncircumcised man than we will come to know that resting time of the temperature of a circumcised man in accordance with their penises is more than that of uncircumcised man. Those who are uncircumcised are the owners of cooler penises in comparison with that of circumcised. But when it comes to the state that is called flaccid we can not deny this fact that the penis of uncircumcised man is quite cool than the penis of circumcised individual.

It looks like the presence of some kind of sensor for the temperature that is there to control the temperature of penis. You can thus get rid of that sensor by removing the foreskin. But it is not all to satisfy one’s curiosity in fact there will be a day when we will find that how foreskin is related to the temperature of penis.

Factors Affecting Male Fertility
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