Discreet Back Pain

Lower back pain may not be something you can avoid with good posture. Scientists recently discovered that lumbar disc degeneration is actually genetic in 65 to 80% of reported cases. This not it say that some issues of lower back pain are not caused by poor posture or an injury suffered during a physical activity—many of them are. However, for Robert this new information makes sense. His parents and grandparents both complained of lower back pain while Robert was growing up. And now, at the age of 58, he is experiencing similar issues with no previous injury to speak of.
lumbar disc degeneration
Unlike his parents and grandparents, Robert has taken action in making sure his chronic back pain does not inhibit his lifestyle. He wants to be able to play in the yard with his grandchildren and maintain his daily activities. Like his family members Robert occasionally attends doctor’s appointments in regards to his back pain but much of the relief he is getting is self care at home.

Robert was not interested in turning his home into a chiropractor’s office. He wanted to keep his self-care simple. Items like flex bars and rehab and pain relief kits will not take up a lot of space, like that of a table, which was a concern of Robert’s. Admittedly prideful, Robert did not want his pain to be obvious to anyone who walked in the door. High quality, reliable chiropractic supplies like stretching aides were a great purchase for him. They provided him with relief from his back pain while allowing him to keep his privacy in regards to his condition.

This is not to say that Robert is not sympathetic to others with similar or more severe back pain than his own. In fact, if he overhears someone talking about chronic pain he is quick to mention the products he uses for his own condition and even provides information on how they can purchase the products themselves through the Scriphessco website. Robert does not like to complain about his pain but he does want to help others who are in it and for him, spreading the word about the high quality chiropractic supplies and equipment offered by Scriphessco is his way of doing just that.

Robert’s parents may not have had access to the same products he did, as technology was not advanced at that time and for many people it was easier to see a doctor than to attempt to relieve the problem at home. For Robert, independence has been a major part of his personality and he was going to do whatever it took to maintain that. Treating his pain at home was the ideal situation and the supplies and equipment provided allowed Robert to do just that.

Discreet Back Pain
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