Discover The Health Benefits Of Lemon Water

Lemon is a household item found in all climates. It has been a content of lemon water and lemonade; two popular drinks to bring freshness and energy to the drinker. While lemonade comprises of some caloric items too, lemon water is pure and basic. Mutually, both natural elements combine to bestow multifold benefits to our body.

Lemon is a citrus fruit and contains Vitamin C. Thus it is bound to beautify its consumer and keep him immune from external injuries. It is acidic but when in contact with strong stomach acids, begins to show alkaline effect and thus neutralizes many dangers; such as acidity.

It also regulates blood pressure through its potassium content. With water and optional pinch of sugar, it is quite tasty and an elixir to any person suffering from fatigue. It even brings novelty to otherwise dull food with its unique tart taste. Its gargle cures people of throat congestion. Those suffering from tonsil defects are often advised lemon water gargle by the physician.

It has also been known to be a medication for asthma; though in a mild way. It needs to be complemented by chemical or natural medicines to show best results. Its sedate nature throws much weight on its effect. In the same vein, it is a working cure for people suffering from bronchitis or other breathing defects.

Sometimes body blood gets impure while fighting from harsh diseases fr a long time. Then a dash of lemon water daily helps purify blood to a large extent. Bitter gourd too is an exceptional option for the purpose.

Those with gum defects or teething problems can also take recourse to common lemon water. Its acidic content seals gum bleeding sharply and it also cures toothaches; the commonest human disease.

Its potency in weight loss is not taken seriously; though it can stake its claim in that regard too. Lukewarm lemon water works out the toxins out of humans; rendering them active. In the first case, both lemon and water acts as anti-oxidants.

For rheumatic people too, lemon water acts as a diuretic and cures their arthritis to a marked extent. There too, its acidic content comes to the fore. Patients running high temperature are often prescribed lemon water due to its cool nature.

Thus, there are manifold uses and benefits of common lemon water. Only half a lemon in a glass of water yields results; making it one of the cheapest medicines.

Discover The Health Benefits Of Lemon Water
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