Antidepressants Increase The Risk Of Cataracts

Antidepressants are resorted to by many who have fallen into tricky mental situations. Depression decreases blood flow and makes one nauseatic, dizzy and suffer loss of memory. There are effects of hallucination too. Thus people go for smart antidepressant like Paxil and Luxor.

However these antidepressants have been conclusively proved to increase chances of cataracts. Cataracts make your eyes too opaque to see anything. This is treatable with small operation and thus does not bother many.

Antidepressants induce secretion of serotonin in the body. Serotonin is a versatile hormone that not only makes one stress free but also makes lens of the eye opaque. Thus cataracts are resulted. However to put it in positive light; suffering continuously from depression is a riskier business than suffering from cataracts in the eye.

Old age people are more vulnerable to serotonin attack on receptors in their eye. Their age ensures that their immunity is lacking. Thus antidepressants are never a right medication for people in their seventies or more.

There are other and perhaps more vital factors that cause cataracts. Poor care of eyes or habitual smoking cause cataracts. Sometimes, working excessively in dim lights or in front of computers too induces cataract problems. These are not in any way related to serotonin production and so the link between the two cannot be objectively underlined.

Many experiments have been conducted in different cities and it is found that different antidepressants have different effects on the eye. Effexor increases the risk of cataracts fairly but is also instrumental in secreting another hormone called norepinephrine. Tests have also been done animals to conclude that serotonin actually damages serotonin receptors located in eyes; that builds cellular vision.

Thus it is wise to use natural medication for depression. Daily drills; keeping oneself busy in activities; living in fresh climate and indulging in laughing sessions help a lot. Consumption of anti-oxidants like blueberry and acai berry also reduce depression by cutting off the excess flab. Strangely, obesity has been found to be a prominent cause of depression in humans.

One should try to nip reasons for depression in the bud. Anorexia, stress, insomnia and alcohol bring in depression. They should each be objectively cured. One should remember that eventual recourse to antidepressants may reduce their active sense organs to four unless one is already blind. It is noteworthy that people with cataracts do not suffer any change in crying.

Antidepressants Increase The Risk Of Cataracts
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